Top 5 horror movies and why people like them


The horror genre is full of ridiculous returns from the grave, this article highlights some of the funniest character resurrections in horror films. With each installment of a horror series generally ending with the death of the bad guy film makers constantly had to come up with new ways to resurrect them and for long running franchises the resurrections inevitably got more and more ridiculous. Good movies seldom appear but the ones that do are forever etched in your mind. In this article, as remembrance, I would like to write about some of the top horror movies of all time. The first and foremost is The Exorcist, directed by William Friedkin in the year 1973, starring Jason Miller as Father Karras who begins to doubt his faith when his mother is diagnosed with a terminal illness. The thriller movies genre is often confused with the genre known as horror. Why? It can be difficult to differentiate between the two, from their very natures to the way Hollywood and the film industry prefers to split the two or blur the lines between them. For horror fans, a list containing the best horror movies ever made is something that is indispensable. These films are something that if you have not already seen, you will want to go out and buy a copy to watch, and even if you have already seen it, many of these movies are timeless. Imagine that cinematic technology has undergone a revolution that puts the viewer in the actual movie itself. The article features five to six movies known to us today, carefully picked, not for their visual effects, but for their stories which could truly put the participant-viewer to a real test and/or thrill of survival if he were in the actual lead role. The Exorcist is probably one of the most well known and most popular horror movies of all time. Decades later it still brings chills to those who watch it. The Exorcist is about a young girl who becomes possessed by a demon. It is up to the exorcist to remove this demon from inside the little girl. Even though this movie is quite old, the cinematography is quite good. That, and the combination of the intense music can make some scenes incredibly scary.